3 of the Best Elfsight Plugins for Your Website

Plugins, or widgets as they're often referred to, are an easy way to add functionality and flexibility to your website without having to: a) hire a developer. Or b) spend a day with your head buried in HTML, CSS and Javascript…

…or b+) Spend months learning to code, then having a 18 hour session in Sublime Text.

If you’re new to the world of widgets, they’re basically a feature that would usually be quite complex and time consuming to build wrapped up in a little snippet of code that you copy and paste into a section of your website.

You design and set up the widgets yourself in a no code editor …so no coding skills are required.

When it comes to widget providers, there are loads to choose from. Some specialise in a certain platform, and some like Envato Elements sell plugins along side other assets.

But one of my favourites at the moment is Elfsight. They make all kinds of FREE widgets from social feeds and logo showcase’s to Facebook feeds and even current Coronavirus stats.

And, yep, while most (with the exception of the latter of those) are usually built in to a website builder like Squarespace or Wix, they also make a tonne of other cool plugins that can add some ‘Wow that’s cool-ness’ to your website.

So here’s a run down of my 3 favourite Elfsight plugins.

Before and after slider

Age Gate

Often found on websites that require the visitor to be over a certain age, an age gate prompts the visitor to be ‘honest’ before viewing a website.

You can see an example of this on Wychwood Breweries website.

If you have basic coding knowledge then this would be simple enough to build, but for someone who isn’t a developer this Elfsight plugin is a cool option.


A form is nothing special, right? 

Well that is true. It’s a form! It collects info from your website and sends it to you in an email.

What I like about Elfsight’s form though is that it’s got a file upload option. Squarespace doesn’t give you the luxury of file upload on a form at all, while Webflow and Editor X require you to be on a pricier premium plan.

You can find all of these plugins and loads more at Elfsight's website.